Nathan & Kaitlyn – Swan Hill Wedding

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Sentimental and kindness are the words to best to describe this wedding.

Kaitlyn’s wedding dress was her mother’s, with a few little tweeks. How amazing that the sleeves on this gown are now on point, Kaitlyn’s mum was totally on trend hahaha.

Kaitlyn wore the engagement ring of Nathan’s mother who sadly passed away when he was a little boy. Many tears were shed reading the note his mother had left with the ring.

To finish the evening Nathan and Kaitlyn surprised Nathans Uncle and Aunt, the people who raised him, with a wonderful gift of the couple taking on their surname. Ahhh so many tears….it was so touching.

I wish you both much love and lifelong happiness.

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Hair: Sweeney Todd
Grooms Attire: Peter Jackson
Stylist: From Little Things