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Geri and Michael – Beloved Session

Warm backlight from the setting sun and a gentle breeze made this special photo shoot even more yummy.

Sadly I wasn’t able to photograph Michael and Geri’s Sydney wedding, but they were determined to make their wishes come true with a photo shoot with me…………yes I felt beyond loved!!

I love these photos sooooo much.

I think part of it is the gorgeous light that you can only get just before the sun sets. But I also love the true connection between these two newly weds. They were so comfortable with each other and also with me. It was bound to result in these beautiful moments captured forever.

Geri and Michael – you know how grateful I am for all your kind words. I am so truly happy I got to make your wish come true. xxx


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John and Emily Smart – St Arnaud Wedding


Dear Cassie,

The wedding world is so full of contracts, deposits and high blood pressure that it almost takes the fun out of it.

And then I make a phone call to you. Immediately it’s apparent that you will give as much of your heart away on our wedding day as we will, and I can’t express how grateful we are that we could have you photograph our day. It’s rare these days to find someone as passionate, honest and giving as you are. It’s a gift you should be very proud of!

Not only did you capture moments that will forever be dear to us, with an amazing artistic flair and talent, you also made our day run so smoothly. We both agree that without you, our stress levels would have been much higher! You knew when to say the right things, and when to give us space. It was like having a best friend, a mother and a big sister in the right place at the right time, and it really made us both feel special.

The way you go above and beyond is amazing. I think our guardian angels were at work when we found you, and we look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

We love you Cassie Johnson, and we will be forever grateful.


John and Emily.

Elegant wedding photography02Elegant wedding photography03Elegant wedding photography04Elegant wedding photography05Elegant wedding photography06Elegant wedding photography07Elegant wedding photography08Elegant wedding photography09Elegant wedding photography10Elegant wedding photography11Elegant wedding photography12Elegant wedding photography13Elegant wedding photography14Elegant wedding photography15Elegant wedding photography16Elegant wedding photography17Elegant wedding photography18Elegant wedding photography19Elegant wedding photography20Elegant wedding photography21Elegant wedding photography22Elegant wedding photography23Elegant wedding photography24Elegant wedding photography25Elegant wedding photography26Elegant wedding photography27Elegant wedding photography28Elegant wedding photography29Elegant wedding photography30Elegant wedding photography31Elegant wedding photography32Elegant wedding photography33Elegant wedding photography34Elegant wedding photography35Elegant wedding photography36Elegant wedding photography37Elegant wedding photography38Elegant wedding photography39Elegant wedding photography40Elegant wedding photography41Elegant wedding photography42Elegant wedding photography43Elegant wedding photography44Elegant wedding photography45Elegant wedding photography46Elegant wedding photography47Elegant wedding photography48Elegant wedding photography49Elegant wedding photography50Elegant wedding photography51Elegant wedding photography52Elegant wedding photography53Elegant wedding photography54Elegant wedding photography55Elegant wedding photography56Elegant wedding photography57Elegant wedding photography58Elegant wedding photography59Elegant wedding photography60Elegant wedding photography61Elegant wedding photography62Elegant wedding photography63Elegant wedding photography64Elegant wedding photography65Elegant wedding photography66Elegant wedding photography67Elegant wedding photography68Elegant wedding photography69Elegant wedding photography70Elegant wedding photography71Elegant wedding photography72

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Mat & Vicki Filbin – Swan Hill Wedding

Mat and Vicki’s Vintage/Boho Swan Hill Wedding blew my expectations way out. Such beautiful details – from the vintage shoes and elegant lace dresses, to the guys suspenders and hats. I have known Vicki’s family for many years, having photographed her sister Sarina’s wedding, a few years ago. But my biggest bond to this family is Jo. Jo is Sarina and Vicki’s sister, who like my son has Down Syndrome. I have looked up to this family for strength and guidance. I have never met such kind, warm, open, generous people in my life. After meeting Mat who has these same endearing qualities, I could not have envisioned a better partner for Vicki. The love and bond these two have is inspirational and will last a lifetime.

Vicki and Mat, I adore you and wish you every joy and happiness life can bring.

Love Cassie

Vintage wedding Central Victoria01Vintage wedding Central Victoria02Vintage wedding Central Victoria03Vintage wedding Central Victoria04Vintage wedding Central Victoria05Vintage wedding Central Victoria06Vintage wedding Central Victoria07Vintage wedding Central Victoria08Vintage wedding Central Victoria09Vintage wedding Central Victoria11Vintage wedding Central Victoria12Vintage wedding Central Victoria13Vintage wedding Central Victoria14Vintage wedding Central Victoria15Vintage wedding Central Victoria16Vintage wedding Central Victoria17Vintage wedding Central Victoria18Vintage wedding Central Victoria19Vintage wedding Central Victoria20Vintage wedding Central Victoria21Vintage wedding Central Victoria22Vintage wedding Central Victoria23Vintage wedding Central Victoria24Vintage wedding Central Victoria25Vintage wedding Central Victoria26Vintage wedding Central Victoria27Vintage wedding Central Victoria28Vintage wedding Central Victoria29Vintage wedding Central Victoria30Vintage wedding Central Victoria31Vintage wedding Central Victoria32Vintage wedding Central Victoria33Vintage wedding Central Victoria34Vintage wedding Central Victoria35Vintage wedding Central Victoria36Vintage wedding Central Victoria37Vintage wedding Central Victoria38Vintage wedding Central Victoria39Vintage wedding Central Victoria40Vintage wedding Central Victoria41Vintage wedding Central Victoria42Vintage wedding Central Victoria43Vintage wedding Central Victoria44Vintage wedding Central Victoria45Vintage wedding Central Victoria46Vintage wedding Central Victoria47Vintage wedding Central Victoria48Vintage wedding Central Victoria49Vintage wedding Central Victoria50Vintage wedding Central Victoria51Vintage wedding Central Victoria52Vintage wedding Central Victoria53Vintage wedding Central Victoria54Vintage wedding Central Victoria55Vintage wedding Central Victoria56Vintage wedding Central Victoria57Vintage wedding Central Victoria58Vintage wedding Central Victoria59Vintage wedding Central Victoria60Vintage wedding Central Victoria61Vintage wedding Central Victoria62Vintage wedding Central Victoria63Vintage wedding Central Victoria64Vintage wedding Central Victoria65Vintage wedding Central Victoria66

Bridesmaids: Deblus Bridal
Venue: Pioneer Settlement
Florist: Francis Florist
Hair: Sweeney Todd Hair Artistry
Stylist: From Little Things Swan Hill

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Eric & Rachael Kuret – Central Victoria Wedding

Who would have thought you could find such a smoking hot group of people all hanging out together in the middle of nowhere? Well I did, and I am so glad that I did!

I met Eric and Rachael a few months before their wedding. I was instantly in love with them. Not only are they easy on the eye ;-) they are so warm, funny and silly. They were so smoochy and couldn’t keep their hands off each other – my kind of people!! I knew from that one meeting that we were a match made in heaven.

Their breathtaking, elegant, country style wedding in Balranald was the perfect relaxed fit to these easygoing lovebirds. Eric and Rachael left it up to me to find a magical location, which I found along the river in and around Yanga Homstead.

The wedding day was laugh after laugh. And yes, here I must give an honourable mention to the crazy Johanna French (yup, I thought you’d like this) – you’re a nutta!! And as for the groomsmen? Well they corrupted me into being chief ‘take the piss out of Eric photographer’. This involved me trying to act serious whilst asking him to lay on the bed in awkward positions!!! We all ended up in fits of laughter.

It was a long ten hour day, which included me getting lost on the way home, but it’s worth it because I am so privileged to be entrusted with photographing such an important day. Eric, Rachael, and crew, thank you all for making this wedding day so wonderful. Thank you for the memories you have left me with. I hope you will always remember this special day as fondly as I will.

Much love Cassie

Bendigo Wedding Photographer001Bendigo Wedding Photographer002Bendigo Wedding Photographer003Bendigo Wedding Photographer004Bendigo Wedding Photographer005Bendigo Wedding Photographer006Bendigo Wedding Photographer007Bendigo Wedding Photographer008Bendigo Wedding Photographer009Bendigo Wedding Photographer010Bendigo Wedding Photographer011Bendigo Wedding Photographer012Bendigo Wedding Photographer013Bendigo Wedding Photographer014Bendigo Wedding Photographer015Bendigo Wedding Photographer016

Flowers: Farmyard Flowers
Bridal Gown: Violetta Bridal

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Meet Cassie

I want to tell you a little about my family. These are the most important people in my life, they are my strength, my joy and my sorrow. I have three incredible sisters and a brother, all of whom are ridiculously strong and intelligent. I, however, am that little black sheep, the classic ‘middle child’; rebellious, strong willed. I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry at almost everything good and bad. I am not embarrassed by this, my emotions are raw and honest and I choose to see the good in everyone. I am very down to earth and have this crazy way of allowing people to open their hearts to me. I believe what you give is in turn what you receive.

Cassie Johnson_0001

My husband Michael is the most amazing man. When he chose to marry me he also chose to become father to my two boys, Jesse and Brock. This is no mean feat for any person but also Jesse has Down Syndrome and wow! we have some challenging days, but together we are an amazing team.

We now also have a little girl Mileya, what a dynamic child she is, my Mum always said she hoped I got a child who was just like me as payback – that certainly happened!

Having children and especially one with special needs, has opened my eyes to a whole new world of differences, love and understanding. I now realise how important it is to have photographs. Time goes by so fast and looking back at precious memories is priceless.

My work is people centred. I love capturing looks, moments and memories. My best work comes from making people feel comfortable and special, because they are!

Cassie Johnson_0002

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Lucy and Andrew Warfe . Axedale Country Wedding

My favourite type of wedding! A huge marquee on a family property in Axedale, stunning hand made personal details, an outdoor ceremony and a relaxed fun bridal party. Lucy and Andrew, as you know I was so looking forward to your wedding and no, not just because it was the last wedding of the season! I knew how much effort you were putting into your special day.

Surrounded with family and friends this was one massive party.


Bridal Gown: Anna Campbell
Caterer: Two Sisters
Hair: Stephen Mow
Cake: CAfe Essence
Celebrant: Fiona Smethhurst
Invitations: Emma Smith
Band: Baker Boys Band
Photobooth: In the booth

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Shealyn and Peter Angove . Bendigo Garden Wedding

If I could be adopted into a family Shealyn’s would be it. Family is one of the most important things in Sheayn’s life and being from a large family myself, I feel exactly the same way. When she called me to see if I was available for her wedding I was already at my wedding limit but after much begging and tears(from both of us!) I gave in and said yes. We had never met before but we instantly just clicked, and oh my gosh I am so glad to have met these incredible, down to earth, caring, honest people! This is why I love my job so much.

Peter and Shealyn’s wedding revolved around family. They were careful to honour family traditions as well as create new memories for those they love. With her three sisters as bridesmaids Shealyn beamed happiness on her special day and the laughter and giggles from these stunning girls was infectious.

Vows were exchanged on the lawns of Shealyn’s grandmother’s home. This place held so many beautiful memories for Shealyn of playing with her sisters and climbing through the hole in the fence to play with the neighbours. The reception was then held in the family’s backyard which had been transformed into an elegant marqueed venue. It was breathtaking! I also loved the bonbonneries which were homemade biscuits baked by Shealyn and her sisters the day before. They tasted pretty good too, they even popped a few in a bag for my family. See, that’s why I love them!

Peter & Shealyn and your family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me capture these memories for you. I hope that you will be able to share this story with your own children one day and I am so humbled to know that I will be a part of that story.


Bridal Gown: Poppy’s
Cake: Cafe Essence
Catering: Minute Chefs
Jewellery: Bejewelled
Makeup: Jools for Jim
Bouquets: The Petal Factory
Centrepiece: Eternal Vase

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Patrick and Sarah O’Brien . Swan Hill Elegant Country Wedding

You know when you meet people for the first time and walk away with goosebumps? Well this is what happened to me with Pat and Sarah. Such beautiful people from the inside out. Sarah is one of the nicest most sincere people I have ever met. She may just be perfect…I think.

Their wedding reflected them perfectly. Sarah in her gorgeous delicate Anna Campbell gown and those bridesmaids dresses wow. The wedding invitations were hand printed, by Sarah, onto floral handkerchiefs, just incredible. I had never seen these before.

A very warm day but it was perfect for a cruise on the Murray River celebrating amongst their loved ones. Pat and Sarah it was my absolute honour to have met you and to have helped you capture and celebrate your special day. Cassie

Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_01Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_02Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_03Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_04Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_05Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_06
Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_07
Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_08Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_09Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_10Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_11Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_12Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_13Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_14Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_15Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_16Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_17Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_18Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_19Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_20Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_21Patrick_Sarah_Obrien_Swan Hill_Elegant_Country_Wedding_22

Bridal Gown: Anna Campbell
Grooms Attire: Oxford Shop
Bridesmaids: Jayson Brunsdon
Cake/Venue: Spoons Riverside
Cruise: Pioneer Settlement
Featured In: Ido Ido Creations
Makeup: Tonic Beauty Retreat

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Christian and Chanelle Harvey . Lancefield Glen Erin Wedding

Chanelle and Christian shared with me the reasons why they chose me to photograph their wedding: firstly, because they loved my work and secondly, they loved my honest email replies. They had contacted quite a few other photographers whom they found impersonal but with me they felt I cared about them as individuals, not just another enquiry.

This relaxed couple also chose to have an engagement shoot. I always enjoy these opportunities as it’s time for us to get to know each other and also for the couple to relax in front of the camera a little more. We met in Romsey for this shoot and the locations were stunning. You can see this shoot here

Many of my wedding shoots are in country settings with crops and gumtrees, this time I was excited to be shooting in the beautiful hills at Lancefield and Glen Erin Vineyard. With a chance of rain hindering our day we were so, so, lucky to have avoided the storms that arrived the following day. And when you look at these photos you will see why I was so anxious to be able to get out into the environment. Thank you weather gods! And thank you Chanelle and Christian.


Bridal Gown: For wedding and a formal
Florist: Eternal Vase
Venue: Glen Erin
Hair/Makeup: Serenity on Barkly

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